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woo hoo, at 9.00am tommorow ill be on the plane to new york to stay at a m8s house for 2 weeks.

/me is overly excited

/me slaps himself with a copy of the New York Times

i havnt been to the states for a while, ive gotta question tho. im shit at economics and currencies and stuff, is the $ doing well at the moment, and if it is, does that mean a Londoner like myself will be able to buy stuff cheaper than in England. or is that when the £ is doing good and the $ is doing shit ? as i said, i get easily confused, lol.

first person to answer will get a sweet/chocoloate bar of their choice :D
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both are doing pretty crap so there istn mouch difference lol... world ecnomoy = pants, same old conversion as ever works...

i was last in new york about 3 months ago, except the financial district its still pretty much the same... which is remarkabley cool :)


Enjoy yourself. NY NY is probably one of the most costly cities. if I had a day to spare I would drive up and see you.

I hope to make your compatibility list obsoleate before you go back to London. :)


roll for life
hehe....well sy the sweetie goes to Sy...aw...sweeties for everyone

/me hands everyone a sweet

yeh, im not actually staying in new york the whole period, we're going on a road trip, not quite sure where, maybe cape cod (spelling?) .


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you'll enjoy cape cod, its nice there, im a new englander myself (even though NY isn't in New England) oh well....


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ny is ok, but once you live here, it isnt all that, i hate walking through 34th street, with all those stupid tourists looking up, specially when you are wakling fast and on a tight schedule.


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one day i was walking through times square with my peeps and yelled real loud "LET THE LOCALS THROUGH PLEASE, LET THE LOCALS THROUGH!!!" it's annoying after a while. when i first got to NY and wen't to the City i broke my neck looking up too but come ON people. it's just tall buildings. oh and the US stock market is crappy right now but i dont know what that means for you wanting to buy things "cheep" nothing in NYC is cheep.