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New year , New Pack : Zelda Majora's Mask WIP


Zelda CelShade Producer
Hi ,

Yes , a new year will begun and i know everybody wait that ^^.

Today i present to you my futur new totally redone pack .


I know that many years before i have start the pack and uncomplete it but now , with experience and a big lot of motivation , i wil ltry to redo all the game .

And for you , for chrismas ^^ : Here's screens of the beginning of the game ^^






ClockTown : 100%
Telmina Field : 100 %
Swamp : 100%
Odolwa Temple : 100%
Romani Ranch : 100%
Snowhead : 100%
Rohrk Temple : 100%
Great Bay : 100%
Great Bay Temple : 100%
Ikana Valley : 100%
Twinmold Temple : 100%
Moon : 100%
Subscreen : 100%
Ennemi : 100%
Boss : 100 %
Characters : 100%

Now just test the whole pack and it's done ^^
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New member
What luck that I took one last look at this site to find you starting a new texture pack!
Can't wait to see how this one turns out, looks great so far! And I'll be glad to help you if you want :D
And Merry Christmas!


New member
Merry Christmas indeed! This is awesome news.

Hopefully with your OoT update and this new pack we will see a bit more life in these boards again.

Looking great, please keep posting pics of your progress.


New member
Yo.... this is great work Djipi. Glad to see you back on board with this pack. I've been playing through MM recently with another pack, but I might wait till this is done before continuing so I can enjoy these textures. Do you have any kind of ETA or is it done when it's done?


Zelda CelShade Producer
Thanks , owing to MDTauk , the sky is done ^^

Here's a little shot of a screen totally redone^^



New member
Looking good Djipi. I have a small question. What plugin is this pack meant to be used with? I made my pack for use with Glide64 napalm as it is the only one that plays Majora's Mask well enough to actually show the bomber's notebook - and overall has the least graphical glitches. I wish there was a directx plugin that works with Majora's Mask though so I could also play in stereoscopic 3d. Your Ocarina of Time textures look amazing in stereoscopic 3d by the way. It has been a while since I've checked on plugins, so I'm hoping you've found a way around these issues. Anyway my pack is the most thorough so far, and I did organize the areas by folder, so if you're using napalm then feel free to use the filenames in my pack to save on texture dumping/marking time.


Zelda CelShade Producer
Thanks all . Bluedart , i will not use any of your work , i totally redo and check all ^^

For the plugin i use Rice plugin , i know there is issues but for me with glide 64 , i have load hres texture problem , some texture doesn't load . If you can send me your plug maybe it's my plug whoes bug^^


New member
Woah! That is fantastic!! :D
Can I ask though; on average, how many textures do you re-do a week? (percentage wise)


Zelda CelShade Producer
For now , only Clocktown is nearly done (i must 2 10 textures and it's totally done^^)


New member
Great work didn't think it was possible you could improve the design by so much more then your previous attempt. A few questions I would like to ask. Will you be doing the backgrounds like the tree house at the start since we can now do this. Also will you be including all the compatible plugins that work perfect for your pack?