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New version 4.3 of Xpadder is out


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Xpadder allows adding gamepad\joystick support to games, emulators, and applications that ether have no or limited support.


* Improved controller link database accuracy and functionality
* Major improvements to DirectInput error handling
* Improved core loop speed and memory usage
* Improved scan request speed and efficiency
* Improved set resetting
* Improved starting when minimized (no window display delay)
* Improved XInput compatibility detection
* Minor help improvements
+ Added recent profile lists based on each controller
+ Added Controller tab in settings window allowing for controller ordering
+ Added profile opening options to tray menu
+ Added tabs to Controller Editor: Start, XInput, Finish
+ Added Control Panel launching button to Controller Details window
+ Added support for XInput versions April 2007 and December 2005
! Fixed a bug where key repeat emulation wasn't accurate
! Fixed a bug where mouse button release emulation was delayed by 10ms
! Fixed a bug where Shift key release while another key down was not emulated accurately
! Fixed a bug where mouse wheel scroll repeats interfered with key repeats
! Fixed a bug where key repeating was interrupted by set selecting
! Fixed a bug where set selecting with cycles caused cycling
! Fixed a bug where controller reconnection was not scanned by XInput if both APIs were in use
! Fixed a bug where XInput independent triggers weren't processed with some windows
! Fixed a bug where six or more Xbox 360 compatible controllers triggered repeated warning messages
! Fixed a bug where the debug version of DirectInput was not handled
! Fixed a bug where the Profile Settings icon was displayed even though controller was disconnected
! Fixed a bug where controller database updated when controller file was reloaded
! Fixed a bug where messages in dialog windows could wrap incorrectly
! Fixed a bug where loaded text from registry wasn't trimmed