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I am planning to release Dreamemu soon, but as a "Public Alpha". Regular releases of both the emulator and plugins should be occuring here soon, so make sure u check back in a few weeks or so.


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Cool I cannot wait for this!!! Good Luck - Icarus is doing well too hopefully SEGA emulation is improving!!! Model 2 - Saturn and now dreamcast!


What's that...?
uhh, perche, i don't think you'll be playing soul calibar, unless lordcheese is goin to blow us all out of the water


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perche said:
I can play to soul calibur with the new released?
i want play this game many many time

Har har.. U make no sense. :p

Lrd: Cool...

Btw. I'm returning to irc sometime soon.


I never actually played on a real Dreamcast, so I'm not familiar with the emu-scene of this console either. But I saw Soul Reaver and Dead or Alive and it looked very good. Wasn't the Dreamcast out of business?

About emulation64.com: you should change the icon of the last message into a dreamcast icon instead of putting a N64 icon there ;)
hehe, i doubt soul calibur is going to run, but i havnt tried it so i dont know :) id put my money on no though. Dreamcast rocks - one of the best consoles of all time


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lol. I'll try a few commercial games later... do not expect results though people.. lol :p
hehe yea :) i would be absolutly amazed if it actually ran any commercial games yet. In fact, if it does, Ill make it open source and release it today :)

btw, its not a new DC emu, its been around for ageeeeess :)


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Does the display list support work for everything and not just that demo? If so can I ask what's stopping it from working on more than that?
good question, and the answer is i dont know. it *should* work for all the kamui demos at least, but im not certain. I didnt have time to try any more out.


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Good luck Lord Cheese we hope to see a good emulator though :) i'd love to see dream emu be the one that emulates commercial games :)