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New release: Mupen64Plus v1.99.1


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I've got this running on 10.6.2 without issue from your pre-compiled binaries aside from audio being very choppy.

It may be my system at fault for the choppyness in audio however I am not really sure as I am new to this project but I'll play around a bit more with whatever I can for audio.

After I verified all is working I took the 1.5 .app "shell" and hollowed it out leaving only the Info.plist, base folders and icons, then modified the Info.plist, created a config file my desired config and now I can simply doubleclick a given ROM to open it.

Thanks for the mac port! The best Mac OS X emulator out there!
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Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Tested Super Mario 64.

Audio only occasionally choppy for me. Very low priority issue.

Video, I got a lot of flickering white frames. Aside from that, I did get it to boot up and run no problems.

Might post a video in a bit.

*Edit* Rice's OpenGL Video Plug-In doesn't like the screen zoom function of OS X. I was using it to achieve a semi-fullscreen - but it is clearly the reason behind the flickering. No video problems experienced after trying without screen zoom enabled.
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