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New Dolphin Memory Card Maker


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I cannot create any Sonic Adventure 2 Battle MemorycardA that works, it just keeps saying "The Memory Card in slot a is corrupted and must be formatted..."
Can someone create a MemoryCard with all 180 emblems Sonic Adventure 2 Battle to me in Pal?


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I tried to make memcards, USA game and USA savegame, and then Dolphin says in 1.02 that there is no memcard every time. i have tried many times, any help please, i beg you?
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I wonder if anyone else is going to pick up on this and complete the project. Currently for most gci saves that are merged will give you "Memory card in slot a is corrupt blablabla......"

There are only a select few saves that actually work for games like Windwaker, SSBM and some others.

It would be nice if cooliscool showed up again and completed/fixed this app to work with nearly all saves. However he hasn't been seen in a while. :(


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cooliscool id say your the best tech guy in the world

p.s. i played your utility of time 0.83.3 but when i got defualt rom in (oot) i clicked open and went to get zmaps and nothings there... someone told me that i need to decomsite it (whatever that means) so make a new thread for utility of time to help me k?


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Expect a new build within the next couple of days.. though I hadn't touched it in a long time, I've recently been working on it and have fixed most if not all of the compatibility problems (The released version only works with very few first party games like Wind Waker , which at the time was the only game I had to test my code with). I'll explain why that was, and of course, release the new source and bin this week.

Sorry for the issues guys - just keep tabs on this space over the course of the next few days or so, I promise to change your sad little faces. :flowers:

muffins: Regarding Utility of Time, Click here to download the current beta version (0.90b3). 0.83 is very, very old and riddled with bugs, totally unoptimized, and lacks many important features, most notably textures and combiner emulation, among a huge list of other things. I haven't gotten around to writing a tutorial or help file, but at its current state it doesn't take very long to get the hang of with a little fiddling (Go to Help>Controls Info - it explains the most important things to know ;)), and aside from that, when extracting the ROM's resources, I *HIGHLY* recommend using the Debug ROM as it contains actual filenames, and UoT knows exactly where to place the data of each file into the ROM. If you do use a normal Zelda ROM, be sure to tick the respective "offset in filename" checkboxes in the miscellaneous tab before attempting to save the modified room+scene/actor object to your ROM. Here's how the current version looks :afro: :

Deku Tree, entrance room (actor selected - they're represented as cubes with colors indicating direction [red = front, blue = left, purple = back, green = right, white = top, and black = bottom], but inline actor viewing a la Toad's Tool 64 is coming soon):


Child Link's hand holding the Ocarina of Time: ...


...In vertex editor mode (per-mesh). The file loaded is child Link's graphics and collision in its entirety, but UoT can't currently render animated characters with all their parts in the right spots (though this is coming very soon - you'd be surprised how difficult this is to do for Zelda's engine without a full RSP emulator.. my Banjo Kazooie viewer can do this fine, and could from the first release. Nintendo really squeezed nearly everything the N64 had for the Zeldas). As a side note, notice the "entry points" combo box; these are offsets referring to display list entry points.

Ahh... sorry for the long winded and somewhat off topic post! Should probably copy the UoT stuff over to its thread, could probably help a few people.

Oh, and since I mentioned my BK viewer, just for fun... (yeah, it lacks texture support, but as many many things on my agenda, it's coming soon.. haven't touched the source since mid 2007 ;)):

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Alright, cooliscool is back and with good news too! I hope those who really wanted to see him are going to be very happy indeed, so welcome back!
Edit: Sorry if my English is bad.


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Gigaherz and shuffer2 are working on intergrated memory card editor for dolphin. cooliscool every think about comming in the dolphin irc channel and deving any?


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This should be exciting once it is released. The memory card manager built into the latest revisions of Dolphin doesn't seem to work nor does it support importing saves from Gamefaqs at this time.
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Since I/we are excited about this, just wondering if there is any news on it.

This will definitely make testing games on Dolphin a bit easier once it's released. :)


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Sorry,but does the converter from the very first post support .gcs files also?
PS.I thought i already posted this,what happened?