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new beta screenshots!


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does this emu emulate games that haven't been emulated or emulated properly?? and what are the min specs to run it and what are the speed/compat.


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The shots are greate. I'm sure that mupen will be great emulator. All emulators become good if the author continue to work.


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Whoa, I've actually been summoned! lol...About the shots now. They are some great shots indeed. I have been wathing this emulator lately [Not as much as the others, but I've been watching] and it's progress has been pretty good. Hacktarux has obviously done a great job of putting the emu together, and has given hope to linux users who wish to emulate the N64. I was particularily suprised to see Zelda emulated so early in the emu's existence. What about MoM? Any signs of life there? Once again, great work on the emulator, Hacktarux. If only it were possible to port the Jabo GFX plugins...


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The Screenshots are wonderfull.... as this emu. :)
I don't think I can achieve the quality with the qnx version but maybe a day who knows.

Long life to mupen64

Muad ( waiting a new version... )


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I have actually gotten off of my lazy ass, and Downloaded the emulator myself. Here are the results I get when trying the emulator. I tried to use the emu with several GFX plugins & the NRAGE ones...And, they don't work. But, when I use the basic keyboard one, I can get Mario to work with any GFX plug that supports it. And, it goes at a pretty high frame rate, too. I'd guess about...100fps. I'll do more in depth testing on the 0.0.4 public version tomorrow, and let you know if I find any suprises.


It not works in public release,Dabba.

Only in beta,do not waste your time with public release.
But if you're serious about testing,you can contact Hacktarux
and ask him,we may need some testers now.


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Here I am. Sorry for the late reply.

Great shots indeed. I've been watching the Mupen progresses too, even though I had very little time recently.
The Ogre Battle and Duke shots look very nice indeed, and I believe Hactarux and the rest of the team are working great :colgate:

Will be waiting for the forthcoming release :)


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guess what's the new playable game in mupen64 !
Don't be afraid by the fps, the shot was taken with debug version that is far much slower. ;)


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another shot : in this one we can see that the gfx are not perfect in this version of the tr64 plugin


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So you never tried to use current available emulators to run your favorite game? Unbelieveable, lol, do you like Rayman games?