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Hello guys! I know am Goning far in the future but could you please tell me if Lino is going to add netplay in iDeaS? It would be wonderfull, wouldn't be?



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Perhaps. But any kind of features are not a priority right now, as compatibility will take centre stage for a good 1-2 years yet.


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I agree. Lino and Yop Yop (the author of DeSmuME) are primarily focusing on compatibility. I mean, look at Project64, an emulator that's been out for years. They've just decided to attempt the implementation of netplay.


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But after the compatibility is good, it will probably be added, since multiplayer is one of the greatest features of DS


I dont want netplay at all. I rather they focus on the compatibility. I am sure they will ignore netplay and focus on compatibility.

I think you need to know better, Foxmoor, that it is too early to ask about that because this emulator is too early and they are focusing on increase the compatibility in 2-D and 3-D. *roll eyes* LOL!

I do not understand why Foxmoor jumps to the bigger step and asks for it. This emulator doesnt played games perfectly like VBA yet so netplay need to leave alone for at least 5 years. Take a look at PJ64 because now they are attempted to do the netplay now. Leave netplay alone and let them focus on the compatibility first.
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One of my decisions during the last meeting was to immediately kill any possible attempt at using iDeaS to fully substitute a real DS console: I've been already pissed off by n00bs asking for Mario Kart DS, and I definitely don't want them roaming freely on NWFC servers.
Plugin authors can give it a try, if thy want, but we're not going to help piracy against Nintendo (I'm a DS owner after all...)