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Nestopia 1.36 Released


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Shell Additions:
• Joystick calibrate button in the input dialog.

Shell Changes:
• Now possible to make save states (slots only) during netplay.
• Some error messages more descriptive.
• Log file now enabled by default.
• Lazy loading of some resources, notably the launcher file database.
• Various aesthetic GUI fixes and improvements.
• Refactoring.

Shell Fixes:
• Lightgun trigger no longer registered if screen is occluded by a window.
• Various things, subtle and not-so-subtle.

Core Additions:
• Power Glove peripheral support.
• Mapper 38, 108 and 173. Info from Ca4He3.
• UNIF boards: TF1201, KS7038 and GS-2004. Info from Ca4He3.
• Mapper 150 reset-triggered DIP switch toggling.
• Database entries.

Core Changes:
• Speed optimizations (NO accuracy trade-off).
• blargg's nes_ntsc updated to version 0.2.2.
• HSB/RGB calculation method.
• 8bit video mode rendering removed.
• 2xSaI filters removed. Use hqx or ScaleX instead.
• Even stricter ANSI/ISO compliance.
• More compiler options and detections through the preprocessor. Refer to "NstApiConfig.hpp" as starting point for porting work.
• Board names. Info from Pongbashi.
• Refactoring.

Core Fixes:
• Mapper 234.
• Mapper 242. Fixes "Dragon Quest VIII (Ch)".
• Database entries.
• Various things, subtle and not-so-subtle.

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