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Nestopia 1.33b Released


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• It should solve the input device bugs introduced in 1.33.

Shell Additions:
• Adjustable screen curvature.
• Auto scale option for Hqx and ScaleX video filters.
• Auto color settings option for NTSC filter.
• 'Condition' column in launcher.
• Hex and current entry view in palette editor.
• Fast way to supply a missing FDS BIOS file on disk image loading.
• 'Default' button in FDS dialog.
• More FDS info in log file and image info dialog.

Shell Changes:
• Reduced input latency and improved overall frame flow by rearranging wait loops and making use of Direct3D9 query events (or dummy texture locks if unsupported) to force CPU/GPU sync on each frame.
• Improved emu input granularity with use of DirectInput8 event notification. Fixes "BMX Simulator" in "Quattro Sports".
• Reclaim of ::Sleep() time on timed intervals in frame timer.
• Warning message now issued whenever the database corrects a nes file with bad header.
• Filelist controls now accept double clicks.
• Pressing ESC now closes most dialogs.
• No menu check marks when disk is ejected.
• WMM timer now used by default because of QPF/QPC unsafety on dual-core CPUs.
• Refactoring.

Shell Fixes:
• Wrong HSB values in palette editor.
• Speed throttle bug when vsync was enabled.
• Incorrect window size on startup after a previous exit with a PAL sized window.
• Auto cursor hiding (didn't always work).

Core Additions:
• Hq4x video filter.
• Support for extended 512*3 byte palettes (for emphasis colors).
• FDS screen text for disk reads/writes.
• Database entries.

Core Changes:
• Better RGB to YUV conversion for VS System.
• Better VS System detection strategy.
• VS DIP switch descriptions for "Battle City", "RBI Baseball", "Super Sky Kid" and "Super Xevious".
• Rewinder optimizations. Faster but more memory consuming.
• More accurate FDS disk drive emulation. Fixes "Aspic-Majaou no Noroi", "Hao Kun no Fushigina Tabi" and possibly others.
• Switched to Blargg's snes_ntsc in order to make it work with custom palettes.
• Refactoring and optimizations.

Core Fixes:
• Mapper 117. Fixes "La Bi Xiao Xin". Info from tpu.
• Change side bug for single sided FDS disks.
• Game Genie decoder bug when using certain compare values.
• Database entries.

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Thanks to Hawq for the notice.