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nesterdc se doesnt play 2 player games?


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Can anyone let me know why the new version se doesnt play games such as contra, or even games like micro machines. I popped in my older verions of nester to make sure and they do all work in 2 player mode. Posibbly a setting i am missing but the second controller doesnt recognize at all. If anyone can help ease my mind on this please let me know. By not playing i mean in 2 player mode the second character comes up and doesnt move, it is fine in single player. I tried using the roms of of the working nester disc and same thing happens. Al together if i can figure this out, this emulator is best i have seen ever. I already went through 10k roms and pulled all the us versions and a few japanese ones and have it all ready to be the perfect disc. Also if creator does see this, the cheat for galaga of invincibility is incorrect and does not work. I dont mind as i never use cheats anyhow, but was seeing how it worked. Thanks to all who had anything to do with this masterpiece. Also want to note that i was able to fit 252mb of roms on the disc when i made it. I have verified about 300 games so far.