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(NES) Nestopia problem: Netplay crash


Lord of the 4 Dimensions
(I should probably mention, there's nothing wrong with the emulator as far as I know other than what I'm explaining right now.) I'm using the NES emulator Nestopia. I bring up the application, click on Netplay -> Connect, click add, select my Super Mario bros..nes file, click open, click launch, wait a second, then Nestopia crashes. Here's my nestopia.log file.

Nestopia log file version 1.40

Language: loaded "english.nlg" version
Direct3D: initializing..
Direct3D: enumerating device - name: ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 , GUID: D7B71EE2-3A5F-11CF-F171-2921A1C2CA35
Direct3D: dynamic textures: supported
Direct3D: texture bilinear filtering: supported
Direct3D: max texture dimensions: 2048x2048
Direct3D: scanline effect: supported
Direct3D: vsync on every second refresh: supported
Direct3D: vsync on every third refresh: supported
Direct3D: found 18 display modes
Direct3D: supported monitor frequencies: 60hz
Direct3D: creating HAL device #0
Direct3D: entering 1280x800x32 60hz window mode
DirectSound: initializing..
DirectSound: enumerating device - name: Primary Sound Driver, GUID: unspecified
DirectSound: enumerating device - name: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio), GUID: 6E86C23C-4BE1-4AD8-B3FD-96E00499784C
DirectSound: creating device #0
DirectInput: initializing..
DirectInput: enumerating device - name: Logitech Dual Action, GUID: 71AAEB70-AE8F-11E3-8001-444553540000
DirectInput: found 1 attached joystick(s)
Timer: performance counter present (14318180 hz)
Kaillera: found "kailleraclient.dll" version 0.9
Launcher: database file "launcher.xml" not present
Database: 2894 items imported from internal DB
Netplay: game list file "netplaylist.xml" not present..

I find two lines there interesting.

Launcher: database file "launcher.xml" not present
Netplay: game list file "netplaylist.xml" not present..

Sure enough, I can't find a launcher.xml or netplaylist.xml in any places. I'm fairly sure that's what's causing me problems. What do I do?