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NES Gun Games


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Is thre any way to make NESTER be compatible with the DC gun for the NES games? This would deffinitely be a great feature since the dc doesn't have many gun games this would sure increase it. Here is a list of the NES games that uses the light gun as well as the manufactor and nes serial.

American GCI700142 ? Chiller (optional)
Bandai NES-ZS-USA 89 Shooting Range
Color Dreams <none> 89 Baby Boome (optional)
Konami NES-MU-USA 89 Adventures of Bayou Billy (optional)
Konami NES-8G-USA 91 Laser Invasion
Konami NES-6L-USA 91 Lone Ranger, The (optional)
LJN NES-GC-USA 87 Gotcha!
Nintendo NES-ZT-USA 89 Barker Bill's Trick Shooting
Nintendo <none> 84 Duck Hunt
Nintendo <none> 86 Gum Shoe
Nintendo NES-HA-USA 84 Hogan's Alley
Nintendo NES-ZE-USA 89 To The Earth
Nintendo <none> 84 Wild Gunman
SNK NES-A6-USA 90 Mechanized Attack
Sunsoft NES-FE-USA 88 Freedom Force
Taito NES-OW-USA 89 Operation Wolf (optional)