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Nemu64 Source code available?


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Yes, what I'm asking here is pretty "much", but well. Nemu64 has a lot of bugs, which I could fix myself. However, I didn't find anywhere a source code for Nemu64 and I'm doubting that it still is under development. So, maybe is it possible to release the source code? I would be really thankfully for this.

Thanks in advance, if someone/owner has it.

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In all honestly, I don't think it would be worth to put any effort into fixing and improving Nemu64, that emulator is -EXTREMELY- old and has been vastly surpassed in all aspects by other emulators such as 1964, Mupen64 (and Plus), Project64, etc, all of which are open source under GNU GPL v2.

Lemmy and LaC, the people who have (or had) the Nemu64 source code, haven't been active in around a decade. See http://nemu.emuunlim.org/ to see the how this emulator ended and the (potentially outdated) info to contact them.

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FatCat said:
"Funny", not "fun".

zilmar was always edging the open- v. closed-source-ness of emulators in the N64 scene.
While at the time he wouldn't open-source pj64, everybody wanted Nemu64 to be open-source because of the rumored heaps of information amounted within it, or so does even zilmar think.

Though nemu wouldn't budge

And now that Project64 finally went open-source, this kid gives up on the 499 cheats limit issue with open-source pj64, and goes straight for the Nemu64 source.

Firefox's spelling correctior's fault.

And I can hardly see Nemu64 containing any valuable information that hasn't been implemented yet.

P.S. Maybe vBulleting should include a feature to facilitate talking between 2 forums?
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Nemu64 has a very good debugger, breakpointer, etc. Everything a ROM hacker, like me would need. However, Nemu64 has a lot of bugs and it lacks on it's features. So, I thought there would be source code available for Nemu64.

FatCat, I fixed that issue myself already. However, PJ64 haves a debugger, but this one is pretty small and is not that advanced like it is in Nemu64. I never give up on my projects. If I started something, I will done it.

If there's no source code available, then I will have to live with it.