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nemu64 rice video problem


i play aidyn chronicles the first mage and i tryed nemu64 and used these plugins glide64 v0.7 ME SP6 <glide64.dll> and i also tryed Nemu64 Graphics (combine debug) <LemD8.dll>
and both of those have problems like the charcters will be missing mouths or the floor will be all yellow. but i dlled Rice Video Plugin 6.1.0 and that 1 seems to work great when windowed. but i have 1 problem it doesent work in full screen mode. the game will go full screen but when i turn or move the screen will look all jumpy like if the tracking on you're vcr was off and you still got all the colors. but when i stop moveing it will be fine and no matter what i set the resoulution 2 when windowed it will not look messed up. does anyone know what could be the problem and possibly help

nvidia geforse 5200 using direct x. and f.s.t & l. and U.s.v.c settings


Pretends to make sense
This is the wrong forum for both nemu64 and rice video. You should post in the rice video thread in th 1964 forum.