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Need suggestions for Palm m515


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I'm looking for a good free text-based RPG for my Palm that is based on Palm OS version 4.1 . Anyone know of any? I'm also looking for a text-based RPG creator for my Palm and some free SNES and NES emulators. Thanks for all suggestions.


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I used to own an m515 and the item I had best luck with was a gameboy emulator, and even then that wasn't too impressive http://phoinix.sourceforge.net/. Maybe try popcap games ported to palm os? Astraware i think was the porting and or distributing company. http://www.astraware.com/ The popcap series aren't really what you asked for but they're fun and work well on the m515 none the less. A fun game I enjoyed was "Mars Needs Cows"
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