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N64 - List of games that use MusyX, and any open source audio plugin playing it?



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Does anyone know anything about Factor 5's MORT speech compression? Is it possible it is fully decoded in Software, and then just passes to audio ucode? Does anyone have any information on MORT? I'd like to rip speech from the games that use it such as Rogue Squadron and Pokemon Stadium. It's clearly played in emulators such as mupen, but it seems like it's done via software and just passed in.
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Wow! Great work bobby.smiles32, and thank you! This is very useful for my retro-y hobbies!

Update: Got the changes made on the original xbox. Using a combination of plugins I can get a variety of results. Schibo's lle audio plugin does best with it. Games are booting, some music is working but other parts like character speech in TWINE are garbled. I did have to modify alist.c slightly to compile in vs 2003. I ended up having to split the (two_bit_per_sample) ?: with two separate while loops. I will later troubleshoot this with Mupen64Plus and new SDL audio plugin.
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If someone could just implement the graphics uCode in those games... :p


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Is that the MORT voice stuff, or just another version of musyx adpcm?

With this version of musyx ucode they changed the data layout slightly.
They didn't changed the voice mixing part, so there is no new adpcm format.
I think these changes were made to improve dolby surround output mostly.

FYI - Rogue Squadron uses your musyx PCM samples routine, I don't think any others do though.

Yeah thanks for letting me know. I tested it and noticed no obvious problems so I guess, I reversed engineered it well enough :)

Regarding the MORT technology, I don't think it is implemented on the RSP, because games advertising it play just fine with the HLE plugin (and there is no specific code for this in the HLE plugin). Therefore I think this technology is implemented on the CPU.