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N64: Doom64


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Doom was one of the first shoot-em' up games for PC, and ID software, the game company that released it, continued to produce 3D games: Doom, Doom II, Hexen, Hexen II, Quake, Quake II, Quake III...the list seem endless. Doom was sold in millions of copies, and probably copied in just as many. In fact, Doom is the most piracy copied game in history.


The graphics remind very much of the original ones. It's neither better, nor worse, it's the same. So how good is that? Well, it doesn't come close to GoldenEye or Zelda, but I don't think it should, otherwise it wouldn't be Doom. The speed of the graphics is very good, probably as fast as the original N64, at least on my computer, which is a Pentium running at 500Mhz, 64 MB of RAM memory and a TNT graphics card. The smoothness is perfect, and I'd say it's very playable with UltraHLE, even on a computer that's not as fast as mine. The reason I gave it a five is because of the speed, not the quality of the graphics, because the FPS is very important for the playability.

SOUND: 5/6

The first thing I noticed when I fired up Doom 64 for the first time was 'Wow, no sound skippings!'. And that is a big plus. That the sound effects are very limited, is how it should be. The reason you play Doom, isn't because you want the coolest graphics, and the best sound effects, you play it because you want to run around and kill mutated aliens.


Mission: Save the world from zombies. How to accomplish the mission: Kill everyone around you. If anything moves, wipe it out. If it doesn't, well, wipe it out anyway. It may play dead.

The story is very basic, yet very interesting. I mean, who would think it could be so much fun to just run around in dark sewer systems, and never let go of the trigger? There are many different zombies around, and they are all ugle, ugly enough to scare you off the chair. If you sit alone in the middle of the night, and you're being attacked from behind by a huge, mechanical spider.


Most people would say: 'The addiction level depends on how you like the game, no matter which game it is', but it's not true. I've played, and I think you have too, a few games I just hate, and have done so for hours and hours, even though the game have had the worst graphics, sound and gameplay. The addiction level usually depends on how you like they game, but not always. That's how it is with Doom 64; the addiction level is very, very high if you love it, and if you don't like it, you'd play it anyway. That's why Doom have been so sucessful. So here's my advise: If you don't like Doom 64, don't try it, because you will waste a lot of time if you do, since you will play it anyway.


It's fast, it has very high addiction level, and it is fun to kill aliens, especially when they are as ugly as the ones in Doom 64. Therefore, the total rating had to be 5, although it has old graphics, not to impressive sound and your characters movement is very unlike a real human.

Originally posted sometime during 1999)