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Mystical Ninja Weird sound bug because of GPU plugin?!?


Retro Hoarder
Ok, i have this problem....
Rice's 5.2.0 plugin works fine with PJ64, and Goemon slowdown bug is fixed, however...
When i use Opengl there are lots of graphical issues, but when i use Directx, while it looks better, some musical instruments are gone! Seems like a sound channel is disabled, not only in this game but in every game i tested. i tried different sound plugins and the same thing happens.

This is weird how can a graphics plugin affects sound? This doesnt happen with 1964 but i wont use it becouse sound is generally choppy there. So, is there any way to fix this for PJ64?


The Rocking PC Wiz
It can if there is a timing problem with a GFX rendering plugin.

BTW, some instuments will be gone under Goldeneye 007 if using HLE audio.

LLE audio is required to hear all the audio patches under Goldeneye 007.