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My keyboard will not work


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Hello, I'm looking for help with my Project64 emulator, I was on 8chan today and I saw a video of the old Donkey Kong rap. I remembered how much fun I used to have playing that game so i decided to get an emulator to play it. I started it but none of the buttons on my keyboard worked. so I looked up how to fix it on this website, followed it, and now it says there is no controller connected. I am using a HP laptop with windows 8 on it. Can anyone help me. Thank you for your time.


16-bit Corpse | Moderator
Make sure that Controller 1 is marked as 'Plugged in' in the Controller Plugin configuration window.


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Well I was having the same problem, and I kept Controller 1 marked as plugged in like you said, but it's still not working.

edit: nvm i just had to soft reset