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My earplugs got super powers...


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EDIT: Ear Buds, not earplugs.

I wont mention brand, that would kinda be spam. Anyway, i had an accident with my FAVORITE in-ear ear buds, they are fantastic, i tell ya. Been using them for over a year. Nothing compares. So, to the point. I was washing my pants, along with another bunch of clothes. and to my surprise, it turns out i forgot the ear buds in the pockets of my pants. I did this by accident several years ago, and those earbuds were screwed.

So i was pretty upset when i found out, they had been in there for 2 HOURS, lotsa water. It took some time before i opened the lid, so the ear buds was actually dry, and they had felled out of the pockets, so they were DEFINITELY in contact with water.

So, i tested them...And they worked! Perfectly! I couln´t believe it...I´m glad they work, it´s the best ones i´ve ever had, other ear buds and headphones just doesn´t compare. Virtual surround sound...Nice bass, not too much treble, which ALWAYS is a problem...

Heh, SPAM, sorry...I just like these a lot, and i got lucky. I know there is waterproof earplugs and headphones, but THIS one wasn´t. I freaking love these...

And on a funny note...They were a bit waxy after lots of use, now they are clean. I should wash them more often!:happy:
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That is normal, they would have no reason to be ruined (other than being banged around in the washer). The water wouldn't do anything since you gave them time to dry out.


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Lol. Guess what. My freaking cat chewed over the cord:( Here´s the recap: My friend was sitting in my couch. He had been using my earbuds, and now the cord was hanging down. Then my cat came, and my friend was petting her, while he was looking the other way. So i say "Watch it so she doesn´t chew over the....cord. Damnnit..." Luckily for me, these ear buds are VERY cheap, and very good all the same. Low price doesn´t necessarily mean worse quality...They are SO good...But it can´t handle cat teeths.

Sorry if this post is soaking with misspells, i am VERY tired.


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The solution is to put the cat in the washer. Then, poof! Both problems are gone! :p



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Ouch, well didn't have enough super powers I guess. I was able to have my razor phone survive getting thrown in a pool, sometimes you get lucky when it comes to water and electronics.