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My cat...saved my cat. Then my other cat.


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Got a pretty heartwarming story for you guys. If any of you don´t like pets, your input is more then unwelcomed.

I have a light grey cat that disappeared a while ago. I was able to find her after two days, safe and sound. I found her because of my oldest, and only male cat, who was DESPERATE to get out one night, even with pissy rain outside, so i, for some reason, let him out. My curiosity got to me, so i went out, about 2-3 am.

I saw my male cat there, he came out from under a car. Then i jumped, because i saw what seemed to be a light grey cat. And whaddaya know, it was. I ran in to get some food, you know, to lure her to me, and snatch her in. Well, not quite like that, i assumed she was hungry. So i let her eat a little, then i took her in, a bit scared at first, but then cuddly. She fell asleep in my bed, next to my head. When i woke up, she was still laying there. Ok, everybody say: AAAAWWW!!

Well, before all this was going on, before i found my grey one, i noticed that her sister was gone, she slipped from the second floor balcony because of the rain. I was so frustrated, 2 cats gone, wow. So after i got my grey one in, i looked like crazy for her sister, a black and orange one, white under her cheek. Couln´t find her. I went back in, and concentrated on the one i actually found, who was still a bit shooked up at that point.

About 4 days later, i was finally able to locate her, but this one was a bit tricky. You see, she has been an indoor cat basically her whole life. (I accept no kind of "Cats should be outside" speeches, i KNOW of that, but i live near a heavily trafficked road. Then why do i let my oldest go outside? Because they KNOW it is dangerous. I lost 3 cats in 1 summer, that was a bad year for me. The oldest one lost her daughter, sister and niece, and her son lost an aunt, cousin, and sister. They noticed it, believe me. And i lost 3 cats, who i loved very much. As you can probably tell, i am a cats man. But not gay.)

So where the hell was i, i sidetracked a bit. Ah yes, i found her sister, after 4 days. Tried to lure her to me with food (Real luring this time, not just for the sake of feeding her) She ate a little, and i tried to pick her up, just like i did with her sister. She went completely mental, started scratching me and everything. That was entirely my fault, i moved to quickly, so she got scared.

I didn´t worry to much about my wounds (BIG MISTAKE), i just wanted to get her to safety. What happens when cats get into situations like this and get scared, is that they block out lots of things. She didn´t recognize me as her owner, but some stranger. They do that when they get really scared, they just block out everything, and that is why she reacted the way she did. She was not to be seen for 10 days after, so i kinda lost hope, thought she was either roadkilled, or starved to death.

I met a friend of mine randomly, and he suggested that i should borrow a cat trap he had, which he used when he lost a cat MANY years ago. I agreed to borrow it, and boy, did i get results. I activated the trap, and the next day, in the evening, i got some neighbor kids at my door, saying she was in the trap. They watched the trap for me, because she was seen outside their house, so that´s where i put it. So i went to the trap, and there she was. So scared, the food i had placed inside was everywhere. I took her home, let her out of the trap, and she went right under the couch.

It took and hour or two, but she calmed down, pretty quickly too, when she realized she was home. She is lying next to me on the couch as we speak. So how did my oldest male cat save this one? He fed her. I spotted him where she was seen shortly before she was trapped. And he wanted to go out more then usual. She would have been dead if it wasn´t for him, i spoke to an expert, and she said indoor cats would make it a few days top. She was gone for 2 frikken weeks.

About the wounds...They sorta turned out pretty badly, i had to see a doctor the next day. Have a shot for catalepsy, which was spreading. a thick wein was going further and further down my arm, which felt more and more stiff by the minute. My blod almost literally stopped, which would have ended bad. My cat almost killed me in two different ways. Hot damn!

Umm....I see this post has become pretty damn long. Sorry bout that, i always go into great detail when i explain things...To make up for it, here are the two sisters reunited. This pic was taken right after i got her back in.

And here with her saviour.

I swear, my male cat has to be the cuddliest cat ever. Any time fits for him. Ok, so cheers, because this must be the biggest cat thread a emulation forum has ever had (Show your pet threads excluded). If any of you had the patience to read the whole thing....I AM NOT WORTHY!
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Um...this is a truly amazing story, not for how many cats you lost then found (last count 100), but the fact you trivally mentioned at the end of your rather belated story you nearly lost your arm, which i must add would be hard to play Nintendo.

Myself, I have a cut finger which is like losing a hand, especially when you have to press the L trigger on the controller so the thought of losing an arm is quite disturbing. Hint: next time wear gloves. Not recommended when you play Nintendo though.

I am quite relieved your clan is back and you can commune with your cat family again (last count 200) . I love cats too but in order to keep the population of native species up i have my cat (as in single not plural) mostly inside, with a bell, micro chipped and limited to supervised visits outside.

I most definately do not let my cat out at night as it is not only against council regulations but a cat is more likely to be involved in fights, road accidents and unauthorized mating rituals. Please let common sense prevail.

Your pictures were indeed heart warming and I wish your cats (last count 300) future health and prosperity in the future.
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A well deserved LOL to you, A.I. I have 4 cats, oldest one a female, her son a male (Like...Of course) the two that were missing females. The two youngest is my male one´s half sisters. Same father. Gets confusing sometimes...

You know, i didn´t quite nearly loose my arm, more like my life. Which would be bad. My hand is ALMOST fine now, i have quite a big lump there, very solid, probably just the infection. I hope o_O. I took the chance of having the balcony door at my (Very big) room open while i was doing the life saving groceries. Went just fine. It did before as well, but after they were gone on their accidental trip, i got a little paranoid. Well, it is dry out now, no slippy rail and crap.

They are both still here. I take a small risk with this, i know. But it gets warm here, they need some air. And so do i.