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My 6800 Ultra arrived :)


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I bought a BFG 6800 Ultra OC from ebay shipped from the good ol' United States for a mere £246 (a price almost unheard of in the UK). The difference between this and my old FX 5600 is night and day even in simple games like UT2k4. Everything runs so nicely, including all the NVIDIA tech demos like Nalu, Dusk Ultra, and Vulcan.

I had problems installing it since my 550W power supply could not cope with the card and all my drives at once, so I took out my combi drive and bingo, everything worked! :p

Obviously I'm a bit CPU and monitor limited right now, and need some more games, but I'm dead happy with the performance. I'm lovin' it! :p


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DarthDazDC said:
very nice, I should REALLY get a new card.

Ditto, I'm still on a GF3 Ti200. But, it runs HL2 just fine for my needs and I have more important stuff to pay off, like my car, and school loans. It would be nice to take advantage of Pixel shaders higher than 1.1 though. One of these days I will upgrade but the 1GB of ram handed to me as leftovers helps keep it running most of todays games.


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yeah, since i got the pc i always planned to get a new graphics card, but as gettin an ipod and concentratin on me GCSE's i cant at the mo, i'll prob be able to upgrade in august, september.


i was planning on getting one of those but i need a better power supply and i cannot save up cause no jobs are hireing im my area lol sad lol well congradulations you should get a snapshot at doom3 if you got it


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Thanks, hopefully I won't need a new card for a while. Here's a random Doom 3 pic, 1280x1024, 4xAA + 8xAF, and I get 60fps in this scene. With my old card (FX 5600) I got 18 fps in this scene in 1024x768, with 1280x1024 unplayable, so big difference.

All the 6 series cards are a massive leap, I'm glad I got this card (I was going to get a 6800 NU for £200, but the £246 Ultra was irresistable)


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dogdogwoof said:
damn thats sweet graphics dude, really nice
Thanks! Try one of the 3dmarks. They look awesome on pretty much all pcs. And that shot from 3dmark05 is running about 5fps at some points. 3dmark05 is really intense even on a 6600!


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Nice video card. ;) Our specs are practically the same now. You're going to love the pixel shading power of the card. I know I am.