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Mupen64Plus v2.5.9 Beta Release


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The world was a different place when we last made a release! But people have still been working on the emulator, and it's long past due for us to make a new release for all the N64 fans out there.

This is a Beta release of Mupen64Plus. Please help us by testing this software on your platform and reporting bugs to our IRC channel, or Google Group, or this Emutalk Forum. There have been so many changes since the last release (in 2015), that we decided to make this BETA release and only accept pull requests for bug fixes during the next month or two. Then we will make a stable 2.6 release. The download page is on our github site:


There are no release notes for 2.5.9; I'll be working to assemble the huge list of changes and update all of the documentation in the next few weeks, and it will be included with 2.6.

Quick start (Linux)
The easiest way to start running and testing this release is to download a binary bundle package from the github site (link above), unzip it into a directory, and run it with this command: "./mupen64plus m64p_test_rom.v64". You can run it directly from this directory, or to install it to your system, simply do "sudo ./install.sh". Likewise, to un-install it, "sudo ./uninstall.sh"

Quick start (Windows)
For Windows users, download the bundle-win32 zip file from the github site (link above) and unzip it to a directory. Open your DOS prompt (Start->Run->cmd.exe or the "Command Prompt" in Start->Accessories). Once you have the command-line window, 'cd' to the directory where you unzipped the win32 bundle. Then run "mupen64plus-ui-console.exe m64p_test_rom.v64" to start up the test ROM. Press Escape to exit. Use the '--help' command-line option to get a list of all available options. The last argument is always taken to be a path to an uncompressed N64 ROM image to run. Sorry but there is currently no Windows installer available.

The MD5 sums for these packages are:

3e0aa66f16766525f54c788dc73e9887 mupen64plus-bundle-linux32-2.5.9.tar.gz
7f0f0496f7bd463e4676e02139369625 mupen64plus-bundle-linux64-2.5.9.tar.gz
881e7c8d23d5b58941882f3ea38ef922 mupen64plus-bundle-osx-2.5.9.zip
e3e617e775039e6221bb06d6917cbe78 mupen64plus-bundle-src-2.5.9.tar.gz
fd274ee9df4d6ae1141ad82edc7cc368 mupen64plus-bundle-win32-2.5.9.zip

Front-end applications
As many of you know, I made a major change in the architecture of Mupen64Plus when we began working towards this release, back in 2009. I separated all of the user-interface functions from the core emulator and re-designed the core to be a library which can be linked against different user interfaces (called Front-end applications). This architecture allows us to focus on making the best emulator possible while reaching the widest audience by allowing other developers to write front-end programs for any platform. Users should be aware that the front-end application which is included with the release bundles is a command-line application. We keep a list of third-party plugins and applications here.

Mupen64Plus has a Home Page at mupen64plus.org, with lots of useful information. Our source control and bug trackers are here on github.com.


Questions: this new code has any relation to the (a) RetroArch's New Mupen64Plus-Next Core, (b) m64p or (c) neither!?




The mupen64plus-gui Github page states the following:

m64p is mupen64plus + GLideN64 + this GUI

Therefore it is safe to assume the changes from the Mupen64Plus v2.5.9 beta will eventually appear on the Patreon page of m64p in the form of precompiled binaries. The original Mupen64Plus-Next core is a Mupen64Plus fork with cherry picked changes from more recent Mupen64Plus iterations. The RetroArch/Libretro project has yet another fork of Mupen64Plus in the form of Parallel N64. This variant includes a Vulkan rendering backend and a low-level RSP.
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I just heard about "Mupen64Plus-Next". I didn't know something like this exists before. It's name is confusing.

History as I understand it:

1) There was mupen64plus
2) Libretro fork mupen64plus to tight it to libretro library (lr-mupen64plus ?).
3) For a time, official mupen64plus and libretro fork was on par because libretro guys backport modification from the upstream branch.
4) mupen64plus continues its development, especially on the dynarec, libretro fork start to stagnate.
5) Then mupen64plus libretro fork is forked: lr-mupen64plus-next

At this step, I wonder if libretro keeping the mupen64plus name is still a good idea. retro64plus make more sense. So lr-mupen64plus-next would be retro64plus-next.


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m64p is maintained by Logan, Logan work for the official mupen64plus. m64p is not related to libretro. m64p is not a fork, it's an all-in-one build (with some preconfigured stuff I guess).

The problem is LibRetro fork (lr-mupen64plus). I wonder if it still can cherry pick everything from official mupen64plus or if its too distant from it.