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mupen64 0.4 on BeOS 5 - doesn't starts...


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I'm using BeOS 5 PE Max edition v4b1 on my Celeron 2.93GHz single core PC.

I installed mupen64 0.4 and I tried to start it but it doesn't starts. It shows a error message: missing library: libz.so 1.1.4.

I have SDL 1.2.7 installed.
I found zlib-1.1.4.pkg for BeOS and installed it, also I had installed gtk for BeOS (as I have been reading that mupen64 uses gtk) and I tried to start mupen64 but it still displays the same error message.

Which are the other dependencies for mupen64 0.4 on BeOS 5 except for zlib 1.1.4?

Please help me out.
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