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MU-TH-UR Texture Packs (Updated)


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Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>This is just a quick notice that MU-TH-UR has released a couple of more texture packs and they're available for download here:

:: Super Mario 64 Texture Pack by MU-TH-UR
:: Starfox 64 HUD & particles by MU-TH-UR

There was a file upload problem with the Starfox 64 Update before but that has now been fixed.

Thanks a lot to MU-TH-UR for the texture packs. Keep up the good work! Leave your feedback at the "official site" link at the file info pages for these packs (feedback at EmuTalk).

Check out our Textures site for screenshots, videos and guides:

:: N64 Texture Packs