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Moron stealing one of my maps


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while checking for new files on UT2003HQ (www.ut2003hq.com) , I saw a map called PD_Car_Park. I went and see, and from the screenshot, it was looking EXACTLY as mine. I downloaded it and checked. IT WAS MY MAP. The moron took my map on my site, extracted it modified the preview screenshot (mine isn't working :\), changed Author field to his name, re-compressed it and uploaded it there by claiming it's his map!


I posted proofs of that fact that i've ported this map and not him. I also asked some of my friend that already played with me when I released it to register and post to get that guy out of there.If you can do it too will help more :) . Also, I just uploaded all my 5 PD maps there as proof to avoid him to do the same thing with my other maps.



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well, I just received a mail from him actually :

Hey Sorry knuckles For the Stupid thin I Did it Will Not Happen again please Keep up the good work and when is the relise of fecility for the ut2004 ps will not happen again My E-mail [email protected]

I don't think he's sorry for what he did but more by the fact he got caught, if I didn't see it, he would have done it with my other maps...


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Welcome to the internet.

Not saying that to be a prick, just that I've heard similar stories, and there's unfortunately little in the way of retribution that can be sought in these cases.


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I hate it when people judge someone's words without knowing all the facts:
"i know the guy above, and this IS his map. Ive played with him b4, and you should not get credit for his map, and if u dont tell the truth that its not urs, i hope u burn in hell"
I wish I could put this on my sig but unfortunately it was not posted here :p

Anyway, I'm glad that it turned out good for you Knux :)


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It was only a matter of time until something like this was going to happen though, we all knew that.


samethings happened to me in the past before, theres a dll called bandwidth.dll out there that uses my old (and crappy) network interface code from an old darkengine (now rewritten) and the guy who appears to be from the uk claimed it as his own, and even released the source when he cancelled it :p

Lots of thieves out there :p