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[model 2 emu] hiccups / stutters ingame framerate


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Would be really great if someone could help me with the following:

I run the Model2 emulator (1.1a) and experience hiccups ingame; slight stutters in framerate. It's really random, but no matter what I try - I can't seem to eliminate it.

What I have tried to resolve the issue (including a combination of the following):

- enable/disable Vsync through emulator.ini
- enable/disable Vsync through Nvidia control panel
- fps limiter (60) through rivatuner
- fps limiter (60) through Nvidia Inspector
- fps limiter / fps lock / triple buffering to refreshrate through RadeonPro (works with Nvidia GPU's also)
- vsync / triple buffering through D3DOverrider

I had the same issue with the framerate when I used an AMD 7950 GPU, so it doesn't seem to be Nvidia related.

Anyone? Would be sooooo awesome to be able to resolve this :tup:

system specs are below in signature
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