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Metroid Prime's AGSC File

Mr. Quiggles

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I'm looking for Metroid Prime sound effects (beams, charging, charge combo's, etc.) and I looked EVERYWHERE for ways to convert/open .AGSC files from the AudioGrp.pak to play them back. Audacity just plays back a screeching sound, and slowing it down by 100% makes it sound like whales in the one .AGSC that's for weapons.

Any way to convert/extract/open/play-back these files?


Seconding this request. Was about to make a topic about it, but saw this one floating around. Ran around Google, and found some talk of AGSC here - but that's about as far as it got. Trying to listen to the sfx in a program like GoldWave doesn't produce anything, nor does vgmstream support AGSC files. Too bad there's no secret sound test to listen to these files in the game.


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I'd like to third this request. What I know is this: each AGSC file seems to be a group of sound effects, rather than just one audio stream. Beyond that, I don't know, and I am incapable of figuring out.


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I'm not experienced with audio hacking, but that doesn't stop me from attempting to figure it out, I'll take a look at it.