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Metroid Prime CMDL Viewer (still working on it however)



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Good job on obtaining Vanessa. It's always nice to see people take the initiative to devote time to such projects.


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Hi there. This is a very interesting looking program you have here. I see you've done alot work with reversing the cmdl format. I myself have written a similar program, although not as advanced as yours, i can read and arrange the vertices of some objects but im have trouble getting the samus model working. Im very interested in how you managed to get the early functionality of your veiwer.

Also, are you planning to release the source to your viewer. It would be great if i could compare my veiwer to yours and see where i went wrong with the samus model.

Thanks, and well done on your massive effort.

D Athier

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Oh wow, you have me on a jealousy-frenzy, Sarah. Please, I encourage you to get this finished and release it. This is something that I've been looking for for a good long time.

I would have loved to take on such a project like this, if I had the skills neccessary. One of these days I'll learn to. One of these days.


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wow im bumping an old topic. which im sorry about, but im curious is this program still being developed, because this will seriously help me make a statue of the dark suit, and other things.
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Thought I'd stoke the fire...

I've watched this thread for a little over a year now with great interest and have been amazed with the results that were shown. I too would like to know if there is any more activity on the viewer.

Has anyone heard of the recently leaked Metroid Prime 3 Beta? There is an iso of it floating on the net if anyone is interested. I am curious to see what could be found inside with the viewer.

Sarah, if you're still around, would you be willing to see if your viewer is compatible with the beta?



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Some of Metroid Prime's textures use single Mipmaps and to not extract properly using the current methods. The 8x8 pixel blocks look correct but the swizzling is not. There are quite a few of them.

Thakis also mentioned that he found a few of the same single mipmap textures in Zelda:WW that had the same problem.
I'd like to point out that this is actually incorrect, for those wondering, those textures that seem incorrect are actually lightmaps.