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How do you treat memories? Are they important to you? Do you like to feel nostalgia? How do you deal with bad memories? Speak up your mind. :)


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Memories are an unavoidable side-effect of living. They help define who you are, where you're headed, and reinforce the existence of a consciousness. :p
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Memories, good and bad, are important. I find it easiest to try to outweigh bad memories with good ones. Do not, however, discount negative memories or experiences. They help guide your actions in the future just as well as the good ones do.
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I feel nostalgic at times, i relive the past in my mind and gather my friends to talk about it over some beer when i can.

I believe it to be normal if you remember the past and live the present but some ppl live the past over and over again, stuck in a particular time of their lives.

I try to live with my eyes on the future and bearing the lessons that i learned from the past.

I try not to remember the bad things, when i do, i try to forgive the wrong that was done to me and if the wrong was me, i try to make it right.

It is not easy to do it every time but we have a responsability to mankind to do it right and to forgive the wrong made in the past, to learn from it and never repeat it again.

There is no "golden age" so you must made this age golden, every time.


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I just think that memories are something important to us and that we have to try to keep them good or bad, but i also believe that to gain something you must lose something(maybe i have watched too much Fullmetal Alchemist), so well as time goes you lose memories but you also gain new ones, thats why when i consider memories important i write them somewhere to be able to look at it whenever to not forget it.

Usually bad memories are more useful than good ones, because if you remember the bad ones you shouldnt make those mistakes of the past again, that's why history is important to know the errors of the past, but well there some idiots who fall again at the same spot, and little can be done about it.

Also i don't like to feel nostalgic because i believe that you always have to go forward to matter what you leave behind, if get nostalgic you'll stay behind in the past, forgotten like many things.


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Good or bad memories are all always positive to people, only if they can symbolize the true meaning of them. If someone can't accept and symbolize some fact or thing in their life, it will become unconcious and cause troubles in the future, and the guy won't know the root of the problem. And if you are psychotic and you can't just accept some fact or thing, you will just become crazy in that moment or kill someone! :p

Sorry if I went too psychological here, I can't avoid since I study psychology :p


I suppose if I could erase most of my memories I would. Even my happy ones.

I tend to forget most anything anymore anyways.


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ah yes... the memories. good or bad, my memories are still close to me. That could be because i've left so many points of my life, but who knows? I do get pissed off when I think of some of the bad memories I have, and get lost in a half our thoiught of "why didn't I do that" or "I can't believe that actually happend..."

But sometimes when I'm laying in my bed at night, or just daydreaming, I think of the good times I've had in my life, and think to how much better those times were then today.
But in many years from now, I'm probably going to look back to my current youth and think of how much better these days are to then. So yes, I am nostalgic.
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Well, as for me, only being in high school, still having to walk by the preps every day, it brings back bad memories, I was made fun of a lot up until about 8th grade. For better or for worse, its the reason I am where I am now. I never fit in, so I eventually decided to quit trying to fit in. Everyone at my school is upsessed with sports, especially ESPN, I tried to get into it, and I never really liked them. (except "De-troit Basketball!!! for all of you Americans)

From being made fun of, and never fitting in, I eventually found computers and what vast knowlege there was with them, I also found a group of people who dont conform, and who also went thorugh the same things as me. Now, I am what you would call a computer geek. Im one of the hackers at my school (I only go as far as the school network), people think Im creepy, but I really dont care what people think about me now.

Someones sig on this site said "people laugh at me because Im different, I laugh at them because they are the same." Thats how I feel. As much as I hated not fitting in, now im glad I didnt, because now, I can see through everyone. They are all stupid conformists who follow the crowd and do what they can to fit in.

The whole point Im really trying to make is that I was made fun of in school alot, and that I have alot of bad memories. But I have used those memories to improve my future, and be someone who is not like everyone else, but to rise above the crowd, and be who I am.


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How do I treat memories? well memories is all I have of my mother now so I'm going to cherish those as long as I live... the bad memories of her death will haunt me for the rest of my life but I do not want to supress it.