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man this would tire out someones mind


but it didn't for me ^_^ (time travel discussion)

<Jeremy-> man scorpiove
<Scorpiove> ?
<Jeremy-> you screwed up the space time continuum
<Scorpiove> lol
<Scorpiove> i know you dont have to tell me
<Scorpiove> i technically dont exist anymore
<Scorpiove> i went back in time and shot my mom before she got pregnant
* Jeremy- revives the space time continuum back to normal
<Scorpiove> so therefor i dont exist
<Scorpiove> so therefor i cannot go back in time to kill my mom
<Scorpiove> so therefor i re exist
<Scorpiove> and there is now a permanent loop
<Jeremy-> destroys the time machine he got from military intelligence
* Jeremy- destroys the time machine he got from military intelligence
<Jeremy-> so scorpiove exists again
<Jeremy-> and everything is back to normal
<Jeremy-> :p
<Dave2001> ah, good solution :)
<Dave2001> now it is fixed
<Jeremy-> :D
<Jeremy-> hehe
<Dave2001> b/c he can't go back to do it, and so the mess-up never even happened :)
<Scorpiove> you would have to destroy it in the point of time before i ruined everything
<Jeremy-> i did
<Jeremy-> duh
<Scorpiove> but since it never happens jeremy doesnt know to go back in time to destroy the machine
<Dave2001> O_O
<Scorpiove> there for everything is still in a loop
<Scorpiove> but now its more messed up
<Scorpiove> lol
<Scorpiove> i still rekill myself
<Jeremy-> not really
<Jeremy-> i made my own time machine
<Scorpiove> and jeremy constanly goes back in time to destroy it
<Jeremy-> and destroyed the time machine when i returned
<Scorpiove> still the loop is permanent
<Jeremy-> you know time machine might be impossible
<Jeremy-> cause of all the errors it'll cause in the space time continuum
<Scorpiove> once you destroy my machine i cant do anyharm so you would never have the idea to go destroy it in the present
<Jeremy-> it might be possible
<Jeremy-> but i dont think they'll do it
<Jeremy-> see?
<Jeremy-> but anyways
<Jeremy-> you didn't do it, you just typed it out :p
<Scorpiove> there is one possible anser
<Scorpiove> answer
<Scorpiove> forward time travel is possible
<Jeremy-> yeah
<Jeremy-> thats probably possible
<Scorpiove> but going backwards sets you in an alternate reality
<Scorpiove> so whatever you change doesnt affect the origional
* Dave2001 warps to the alternate reality
<Jeremy-> aha
* Dave2001 is eaten by a dinosaur
<Scorpiove> ive done lots of reasearch
<Scorpiove> and theres lots of science proof
<Jeremy-> so in dbz in the trubks saga and android sagas, they're theory was probably right
<Jeremy-> *trunks
<Scorpiove> what was their theory
<Jeremy-> that if trunks traveled back in time it would be an alternate reality
<Jeremy-> so when they destroyed the androids and everything that would give terror in the world
<Jeremy-> it didn't effect trunks reality
<Scorpiove> yup its would be more than likely true
<Dave2001> :( unfortunately as far as yoshi's story can go, it's not even playable
<Dave2001> you can only see the sprites
<Jeremy-> but his experiences, but his physical abilities were changed
<Dave2001> there's no ground or anything
<Scorpiove> ~_~
<Dave2001> that's framebuffer stuff that can't be done probably :(
<Jeremy-> he could now go and destroy the androids for himself including cell
<Scorpiove> yeah it wouldnt make any difference to him
<Scorpiove> he would still think hes in his reality
<Scorpiove> even though he changed it
<Scorpiove> once he went back to the future
<Jeremy-> no no no
<Scorpiove> he would still be stuck in the alternate reality he made
<Jeremy-> not really no
<Scorpiove> according to time travel the reality you leave you will never beable to return too
<Jeremy-> i mean his physical abilities changed because he was trained back in the other alternate reality, but when he himself came back to his time he could destroy the androids
<Jeremy-> because his abilities remained the same from the other reality
<Jeremy-> time wont change
<Scorpiove> yeah but in real life he wouldnt beable to return to his reality
<Scorpiove> 1 - million chance
<Jeremy-> unless he pinpoints the exact time
<Scorpiove> no you gotta think in dimensions
<Scorpiove> right now future time travel is possible
<Jeremy-> that means the year, month, day, hour, minute, second, millisecond, microsecond, and nanosecond
<Scorpiove> but only forward
<Jeremy-> he would have to pinpoint that
<Scorpiove> there is already another reality exactly like ours going backwards though
<Jeremy-> yes
<Scorpiove> although they think they are going workwards
<Scorpiove> so if we want to go back to 1945
<Scorpiove> we would go the the future first
<Scorpiove> where it lines up with the other reality
<Scorpiove> but lets say our 2334 lines up with the others 1945
<Scorpiove> so we travel to our 2334
<Jeremy-> man im glad we have powerful minds to withstand time travel complexity
<Jeremy-> lol
<Scorpiove> then cross over
<Jeremy-> yes i c
<Scorpiove> in 5 dimensions
<Jeremy-> yep
<Scorpiove> and are now in 1945
<Scorpiove> but another reality
<Jeremy-> yeah
<Jeremy-> so time travel wouldn't be really time travel, it 'll just be traveling between dimensions basically
<Scorpiove> hmm then maybe if you go to 2334 in that reality you could go back to the real 1945
<Scorpiove> yes
<Scorpiove> cept when moving forward
<Jeremy-> yup
<Jeremy-> want me to post this in irc quotes? ^_^ j/k
<Scorpiove> lol
<Scorpiove> yes i know i am crazy lol
<Jeremy-> no im sort of serious
<Jeremy-> you're not crazy
<Jeremy-> its a great theory
<Scorpiove> yes me too
<Scorpiove> that is the research i came up with
<Jeremy-> probably the best theories of time travel yet
<Jeremy-> i researched time travel myself
<Jeremy-> also the same with lightspeed travel
<Scorpiove> all we need to do is travel really fast
<Scorpiove> and i mean realy fast
<Jeremy-> did you know that fighter pilots that go over the speed of sound time slows down for them a little bit
<Jeremy-> like a 3 second difference
<Scorpiove> yup
<Jeremy-> so if we travel lightspeed without being converted into energy than we'll be going slowing down time
<Scorpiove> lets say im on a see through platform going 30 miles an hour and everyone can see you inside
<Jeremy-> BUT
<Scorpiove> and i throw a ball at 20mph
<Scorpiove> everyone would see it moving at 50
<Scorpiove> corrrect?
<Jeremy-> i know that
<Scorpiove> but that effect doesnt work with light though
<Jeremy-> its called potential energy of acceleration or something
<Jeremy-> i mean kinetic
<Scorpiove> lets say the light travels at 30 miles an hour on the train
<Scorpiove> i know it goes faster but im just simplifying
<Jeremy-> i know
<Scorpiove> the people dont see it move at 60
<Jeremy-> light travels at 186,282mph
<Scorpiove> they still see it going 30
<Jeremy-> mps i mean
<Jeremy-> yes
<Scorpiove> even though your already going 30
<Jeremy-> i know
<Scorpiove> the light is going 30 to you and the people outside
<Scorpiove> so that is why i think time travel is possible^_^
<Jeremy-> yes :)
<Scorpiove> it fits in with the going really fast thing
<Jeremy-> well lets stop there, thats enough info
<Jeremy-> that was basically the point
<Scorpiove> hehe ^_^ sorry dave
<Scorpiove> flodding his channel with this stuff
<Scorpiove> lol
<Dave2001> i just tried rice's plugin on the GeForce 2, i'm as far as him with yoshi
<Quvack> cool
<Jeremy-> :)
<Jeremy-> at about 11:35PM pacific time im going off the computer to watch...
<Jeremy-> 3x3 eyes!
<Jeremy-> its my new favorite anime
<Jeremy-> but dbz is still my fav out of them all

the last part is sort of pointless but it was somethin else i thought i would put in there...


back to the future was half correct i think, i think trunks theory on dragonball z was more correct. lol i have seen back to the future 1 2 and 3 :D lol but i dont have the tapes. i just watch them now when nothing else is on.


holy shit, i thought it was a board error or something that you posted, but you're back... welcome back.