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MAME.net Virus?


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Since emulators and games can be harmful i typically scan each file twice, Once with kaspersky total security and then with metascan-online(dot)com. I wanted to get all the old Arcade games so i went to the official MAME(dot)net and downloaded the 64bit version. metascan said it has Worm.feebs.win32.:( So then i got the same MAME emulator from ***** and again same worm virus. Is this a false positive? i just got my first expensive gaming pc and am terrified of getting a virus let alone a worm. Anyone who has this emulator, did it give you a virus? thanks in advance.
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Very likely a false positive.

Take note that the original MAME is run via the command line. If you want a GUI, find one of the MAME derivatives, like MAMEUI.
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