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Lumines High Scores


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EDIT - sorry, looked for the high score forum on the main page.. stupid me, it's a subforum here. Can a mod move it, please?

After much procrastination and disbelief of the hype that is Lumines, I decided to get the game.. and goddamn, it's awesome and addicting.

Here's my high score after about 3 hrs of nonstop playing.. may not be much to veterans but I was pretty proud (so many chains, it felt awesome :p). I've been trying to clear the board completely, which gives you 10,000 bonus points.. haven't had the luck of getting just the right blocks yet though.

How high as anyone else gotten (challenge mode)?


o.t. - i'm a 1.5'er for life
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89700 is my highest, I'll try and sort and sort out a picy if my digital camera isn't being crap.