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Looking to build a PC that'll work flawlessly with dolphin


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Hey everyone. I've been in the market to build a new PC. My focus isn't only for running dolphin, it's to also be my new gaming PC that should last me a number of years, and since I've been relatively unimpressed with these "next-gen" consoles, I figured I'd invest in something more practical with a substantial library of (CHEAP) PC games. That being said, I'd like also have the ability to play games such as Xenoblade Chronicles, Twilight Princess, The Last Story, etc. in full HD with DSP LLE, since HLE (while it has come a long way) is still not great. So in other words, a beefy system. I'm also more preferential towards small form factor builds that's nice on the eyes as it'll also be my HTPC as well. Any suggestions as to what I should check out for my build??


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My opinion :
You need an intel CPU, since the amd ones are not really great for dolphin.
You will need a high-end i7, preferably 4,0+GHz.

If you need a comparison, I owe an i7-3820QM (3,7Ghz), and I cannot play some games at full settings in dolphin (GPU is basically irrelevant for dolphin, even the integrated (HD4000+) chip should do the job fine (edit : don't take that too literally)).

If you want to play some "pure" PC games, you need a good GPU though (really depends on the games you want to play).
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Don't buy an i7 if you are just looking to play dolphin, you'll never use hyper threading. The best CPU that you can get today for dolphin is the i5 4670k


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Get a 4670k with a decent mobo so you can overclock. You should be able to get 4.2ghz easily. Also buy an aftermarket cooler. If you can afford it go for a watercooling setup so you can get lower temps and a higher overclock. For reference, with an H100i watercooler and a 3570k I'm overclocked to 4.5ghz and my temps never get above 65c. I suggest at least 4.5ghz for some games though. Also if you want to use AA and other graphic enhancements you should also look into a decent dedicated graphics card. I would recommend a GTX770 as the cheaper AMD counterparts are getting harder to find due to bitcoin mining.


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