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little help?


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O.K.. here it goes. let me start by saying I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS.
that said, i cant get the emulator to work at all. u prolly notice i have no OEM video card, thats bad.. i've downloaded evoodoo and glide3 and all that jazz i read might help.. no go.

whats the deal, by a card and start all over?
i've spent countless hours trying to adjust "plug ins" and find why it sais i dont have "glide2" and been closed infinate times by "ultrahle 2064 - high level emulator has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvinience".

Please be gentle, easy on the sarcasm and hard on the facts (in laymans turms).
thanks in advance.. I'm strugglin'


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Wow! aprentice, you (insert curse word starting with 'F') rule. I have been trying forever to get ultrahle to work and Pj64 worked instantly.

i guess ultrahle wasn't for me, too complicated. Is it because of my inferior sound and video card that they both glitch from time to time (mostly when i push the button to enter the map on the game)?