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List of 3D modeling apps with VRML Importing


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List of 3D modeling apps that can import VRML

Most of these I know nothing about. If you know anything about these could you post a review and I'll add it. Also if you know of any others, please post those too.

1. 3DMax - Description; The best as so I've heard - $500. There are other ways of getting it however :p - Website; ???? - VRML Importing; Yes

2. Deep Exploration - Description; ??? - Trial version available, $150 - Website; www.righthemisphere.com - VRML Importing; Yes

3. Caligari TrueSpace - Description; ??? - Demo available, $595 for 6.6, $395 for 5.2 - Website; http://www.caligari.com - VRML Importing; Yes

4. Lightwave - Description; ??? - $250 - Website; Newtek.com - VRML Importing - ???

Feel free to post anything you think needs to be added, as I know I missed a lot.

EDIT: 2/16 14:09 GMT - Deleted old #4 Blender3D, because apparently, it cannot load the version of VRML that the nemu plugin generates.
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Sorry to bump such an old topic, but I feel it'd be helpful to a lot of members to know that I have found another program that can load up the VRML files that Nemu dumps.

AccuTrans3D is the name of the program, and you can get it here:

It says you have a trial period of 30 days, but from the sounds of it, I believe this is based on the honor system. It's a really helpful program, though, so you might even actually pay for it! :D