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After a long internal debate, I made the obvious switch from Windows to Linux.

SUSE, that is. I love how custimizable KDE is.

BUT I have a few questions (maybe someone can help).

How does Wine work? and to what extent can I run windows programs with it?



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but there's a linux program called WINE that (supposedly) adds support for Windows executables.


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Wine works reasonably well for a lot of applications. I've even played StarCraft on Linux through Wine (though I couldn't get the sound or online play to work quite right) so it works okay even for simpler games. As far as higher end games though, I don't think Wine is quite adequate. I've heard of some other Windows libraries for Linux that are more geared for games and DirectX applications, but they weren't free and I can't remember their names.


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If you want to play windows games in linux check out Cedega. Geat little app that turns DX9 calls into OpenGL calls. WINE is also good.