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Lime3DS Emulator v2111 released!

Lime is the Nintendo 3DS open source emulator based entirely on Citra, which it is continuing to develop.

It is written in portability and versions are actively maintained for Windows, Linux, Android and macOS.



– Linux: Downgraded minimum glibc version from 2.38 to 2.36
This fixes a regression introduced in 2110 where some Linux distros, such as the Steam Deck’s SteamOS, were unable to launch Lime3DS via AppImage due to the glibc version being too recent
– Android: Updated internal resolution selection interface to more closely match the desktop equivalent
The setting is now configured using a dropdown menu instead of a slider
Alongside the multiplier, the result resolution is now also displayed
– Updated log filenames:
citra-log.txt – lime3ds-log.txt
citra.txt.old.txt – lime3ds-log.old.txt