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Lemmy's D3D8 extractor, how to get past the dreaded error

Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
This took me a few hours to figure it out but, use 1964, 0.9.9 is the one I used, and use the graphics plugin Lemmy provided.

Second of all, download a program called "3D Analyzer", which I used and seemed to have fixed my problems.
I could be wrong, but in 3D Analyzer make sure to emulate bitmap and pixel shader 1 options and select your .exe file of 1964 and run it.

Now, when you start up your chosen game you WILL get errors, so did I.
Its annoying, but keep clicking "no" on the error and the game will go on anyways.

Get to your favorite area or whatever and go to "Video Settings" and click the box "Output to VRML" or something to that effect.
Just as you are exporting, QUICKLY click "Plugins" while the exporting is being done and go back to "Video Settings" and turn off "Output to VRML"
Note: On clicking "Plugins" while exporting, your emulator will hang while exporting, just give it time.

Now, make sure you created a folder named "vrml" in your "C:" drive.
No, not Program Files, "C:" specifically.
Create a folder in your C: named "vrml" and use 3DS Max 8 to import your .wrl files

Oh, and it is called "output.wrl" in your "vrml" folder.

About 3D prgrams, try out a trial in "3DS Max 8" or other free ones.

Enjoy :)