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LEMD3D8.DLL problem

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Please dont delete this I am not sure if it goes anywhere specific I just really wanted to get this answered if possible.

Im pretty new to all of this and I am working on a project. But when I loaded up Nemu it gave me an error

LEMD3D8.DLL caused an error and Nemu must close.

Is there any reason anyone would know this would happen I mean I have all the Files in the Nemu folder only so I am not sure if there was soemwhere specific I was supposed to load a certain .DLL or what. PLEASE any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love to start full throttle on this project and cant till I get this working. :)

Thank You Please. :alien2:


Hello :) Do you use the 1964-Emulator? Otherwise it doesn't work. If you do: try another (newer?) version of both the plugin and the emulator.
And witch Nemufolder do you mean? There is only "VRML" in you C:/ hardrive, the dll should be in your plugins folder....

Ans as I'm writing an answer, I see that you wrote this question in 2005, so if you still are active in that forum you don't care... but anyways, for the guys who are searching with google ;)
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