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Kronos 1.4.0

The Siskoo

Kronos 1.4.0 is a fork of Yaba Sanshiro/UoYabause/Yabause created by François (french dev). Here the changelog :

Features : Redump zip archive support.
Features : QT5.11.1 and Visual Studio 2017 support.
Features : Options added to command line : scanline, ST-V (bios and iso) keyboard ST-V support (Only Linux).
Features : New BR2Z filter. If you have a low end GPU, try it.
Saturn Emulation : fixed glitches in the game Doom.
Saturn Emulation : fixed a GFX problem with the car ****pit in the game F1 Challenge.
Saturn Emulation : fixed a messed screen in the game F1 Challenge.
Saturn Emulation : fixed a sprite problem with the character in the game Metal Slug.
Saturn Emulation : fixed a GFX problem (transparent strips) with Athlete Kings and Blam Machinehead.
Saturn Emulation : fixed a GFX problem in the game Earthworm Jim.
Saturn Emulation : fixed a shadow problem with menu in the game Tsuukai!! Slot Shooting (J).
ST-V : fixed a problem with the STV bios (Linux and Windows). Now, STV emulation works on Linux and STV.
ST-V : games ascending sort order.
ST-V : fixed the screen posotion in game for the game Shienryu.
Translation : updated spanish language (Kris Tophe)
Translation : updated french language (Benjamin Siskoo)
Translation : updated english language (Benjamin Siskoo)
Translation : translations strings added : ST-V cabinet Configuration, ST-V Cabinet, SH2 Kronos Interpreter.
Translation : translations strings removed : Tesselation, Triangles using perspective correction, CPU Tesselation, GPU Tesselation.
Misc : added a new readme.html file.
Misc : fixed a crash with an old ini file and a recent version of Kronos.
Misc : Removed QT4 support (depreciated).
Misc : removed Tesselation support. It seems this option is useless