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The Siskoo

Kronos 1.3.0 is a fork of Yaba Sanshiro/UoYabause/Yabause crated by François (french dev). Here the changelog :

- New Kronos interpreter. Less CPU usage.
- Added STV rom game support. With Linux all games are launchable but with the windows port lots of game are not playable.
- Burning Rangers : fixed a black veil in game.
- Contra - Legacy of War : fixed a regression with the shadow of the character.
- Doukoku So****e : fixed a transparency problem with the moon.
- Doukoku So****e : fixed a transparency with dialog.
- Doukoku So****e : fixed a problem with a missing sign aside of the bus.
- Le manoir des âmes perdues : fixed a GFX problem with the menu.
- Outrun : fixed missing screen (loading screen, options screen).
- Sakura Taisen 2 : fixed a regression.
- Scorcher : fixed a GFX problem with trees in game.
- Scorcher : fixed the pause menu screen. It was messed.
- Sega Ages : fixed loading screen.
- Slam & Jam 96 : fixed a regression with High score screen.
- Turfwind '96 - Take Yutaka Kyousouba Ikusei Game : fixed a black screen. The game is now playable.

You can get it from this link :
There is an English forum here :
Kronos github :
The Siskoo

The Siskoo

I made a quick list to show the difference between Yaba Sanshiro/Yabause and Kronos :

- Windows 7 support (broken with Yaba).
- STV games support.
- Filters support (HQ4X, Bicubic, etc...).
- New kronos interpreter (less CPU usage).
- Several GFX problems was fixed.
- New video options.


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It is possible to get back mdf compatibility? I'm having problems with yabasanshiro on my windows 10 x64. Thanks.
The Siskoo

The Siskoo

Hi gott666,

I've got the same problem. Here the answer of the dev, Francois

Mdf is a proprietary format from alcohol 120 software. Version 1 of the format is publicly available but version 2 is closed source. Mdf files version 1 are supported by Kronos, not version 2.