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Kronos 1.2.0

The Siskoo

Kronos 1.1.0 is a fork of Yaba Sanshiro/UoYabause/Yabause crated by François (french dev). Here the changelog :

- Win 7 Support is back. Fixed the kernel32.dll error with Windows 7. It should be work.
- Added 2 video options : Original Aspect Ratio and Stretch to window.
- Added title for new video option : Upscale Filter, Embellishment filter, Tesselation, OpenGL size, TV Effect (Benjamin Siskoo).
- Added Scanline filter. Might combined with others filters (HQ4X, etc...).
- Removed 3 video options : Fit to window, Fixed aspect ratio: 4:3 and Fixed aspect ratio: 16:9.
- French translation of the new video options (Benjamin Siskoo).
- Added a new translation string : toolBar (shortcuts panel) (Benjamin Siskoo).

You can get it from this link :
There is an English forum here :
Kronos github :