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"kinda" smart idea


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Hi, i know i just have 1 post... but i Understand if you DONT have much "serious" posters if you moderators dont fix things up, like Downloads...

You can spend the whole year searching in the search function without results.

Even with Google / youtube... Becouse most of the time they just post stupid things like "woohoo, Look i can play this game" insteed of help others -> "here did i download it" .. So i think it should be a good idea To Sticky "download e.g. PJ64 games here" under "Project 64" etc... But that's just mine very smart idea

Im sorry i maby post angry, but I really got piss off when ppl post things like "woohoo i can play this game, with THIS control" and so on....

Please give more ideas! :D
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If you're suggesting stickies with links to ROMs, that goes directly against forum rules.


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No, i dont mean DIRECTLY "arrows" to download links, i mean like TIPS or something.... so you guys can get more active members >.< than just Some randoms who comes online 1-2 times and never again... but its just a single tip...


The only allowable TIP I know of is "Google/yahoo for it".

Allnatural: are you advising on having dismemberment? ;)

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i believe he is referring to the recent influx of noobs on non rom related emulation sites asking for links to games.


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Here are my tips:
  1. Google for them.
  2. Get a torrent, by yourself, of them.
  3. Dump them yourself.


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Looks more like he was referring to links to download the emulators that are discussed here.

If so there all hosted on the emutalk main page, which is here : http://www.emulation64.com/files/

Edit : Sorry I didn't read it right :p Looks like he was just after warez after all.

My mistake
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