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I was wondering if the iso that you use to burn on a gamecube disk is the same as the one you would need to play on an emulator. If not is there anything you have to do to it?


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The only real use for Gamecube ISOs is running them on an emulator. Differences in formatting make them useless to a Gamecube when burnt to a mini-DVD. At least, I think that's what you're asking.


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so lets say i download a game off the internet called blam, would i be able to run it on dolphin?


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Run - probably. Play - probably not. Dolphin and current hardware are unplayably slow for most games.


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kennykilla said:
how come whenever I play ssbm, and I pick a character, it freezes?

Try to play the training mode.
There you can select almost evry character!
Kirby must work evry time but mr.Game and Watch not!
Sometimes i can select Link but only sometimes :(
If you have selectet a character go to a Mushroom Kingdom Map (1 or 2)...
In the Training mode you can make the game faster by adjusting the speed parameter in the select menu at 2 Times!
Try and enjoy!


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noobs, it had been asked like 10000 times and answered twice that numbers.....

use the SEARCH button.