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Just a few questions

Ok firstly,
I would like to ask how do you actually make a dreamcast image.. as i tried to.. and it only brought up the copyright.txt and that and this ISNT a request for a rom, i own it myself.

Secondly, you know like for the ePSXe where you can just load up games from cds is this possible with a Dreamcast Emulator, or i was looking at a post and no commercial games. Suppose, we dont have many sega fans if we don't want to make our Sega mate a emulator. :bye3:

Adios Amigos


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1/ you need a broadband adapter for your DC, to connect it to your PC and stream the games off it that way. This is because your PC drive cannot read GD-ROMs, which the Dreamcast uses.

2/ kinda answered above... you can't read GD-ROMs in your PC so there's no way you can just stick your authentic Dreamcast disc in a PC and run it on an emulator. However, a new Dreamcast emulator has been released, called chanka, that plays commercial games. It can be found at http://www.chanka.org but it will only play cdr copies of Dreamcast games and not authentic discs.