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Jnes slowdown


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Hi there, I have been experiencing huge sudden framerate drops as well as choppy sound and gameplay using Jnes.
This occurs on most games Specificly on Contra and Galaga and SMB 3 I have been trying to play. Games will work fine for a period then as time goes they will begin to stutter. I also get this problem with Project 64. they worked fine on my old HP but now I have trouble. I have tried a variety of setting combinations as well to no success.
My system is a P4 2.8 Ghz
512 Mb ram
Radeon 9700 128 mb video
Windows XP


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Check your PC for viruses. And Occasionally Anti-Virus software running in the background can interfere with emulators.

Also dont run any other programs (eg. media player, virus scanning etc.) while your using the emulators. That more than likley will solve your problem.


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I haven't got any problems with JNes so far, i must say it is a great Nes emulator. Keep up the good work Jabo! :)


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damn, im running a Pentium 3 700mhz and Jnes runs perfectly fine. it probbably runs slow for u cuz u might have too many programs running all at once. and jnes is a really good emulator which has a nice GUI and very very very easy to use