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Jario 64 - New Open Source Java N64 Emulator


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Something that may interest people here - a new open source Java N64 emulator without a ROM database or specific game hacks in the core:

Jario64 is an open source Nintendo64 emulator written in Java based originally on the Project64 emulator code.
Jario64 was written in 2005. Originally it was based on the source code from Project64 but since that time has evolved. The Java code is much more object oriented and much was removed/added. Jario follows the same plugin pattern of other popular N64 emulators, and the plugins are based on open source plugins that were available at the time. When I created this originally it was more for educational purposes since I knew I could produce source code that was much easier to understand than most other emulator source code (Jario64 has no hacks for specific games anywhere in it, no dynamic recompiling, no strange pointer manipulation, and is much more modularized). But I didn't know if it would be fast enough to play, nor did I really care. Happily it did turn out fast enough that I decided to concentrate on some optimizations and get it playable. It is definitely not as fast as other emulators but it works and possibly is slightly safer since it is managed code (no buffer overruns, or pointers to invalid memory.)

Current Status:

Jario64 runs a lot of the more popular games. Some improvements could still be made on the graphics plugin. Sound is not available yet although there is a Java plugin already created for sound, it just isn't fully working yet (sound does work for some of the demo roms). The only current input plugin is for the keyboard. The graphics plugin uses JOGL for 3D. The sound plugin is using JOAL. Jario64 only runs in pure interpreter mode and it does not use a rom database. The GUI is currenly very minimal.

I am looking for people who would be interested in continuing this project. Either in coding, testing, plugin development, promotion, documentation, etc. Please leave comments if you have anything to say about this project. Thanks.




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Impressive. Running at at least 50% speed even though it's a pure interpreter on Java. (Though this is admittedly a fairly fast machine.) I'm curious how well a Java bytecode dynarec would run.


Amazing :) It runs really well on my laptop here, occasionally has issues with responding to input but it runs really impressively considering where its at interpreter wise!

Very tempted to have a play with the code of this :)


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Pretty cool. I am using a Dell Studio XPS i7 system at work and it runs very well. However though I have a BT keyboard it almost like it simply does not recognize it. I am pressing the assigned keys

keyboard arrow keys = DPAD
enter = START

None seem to work in any game so far. Do you have to enable something? I don't see a setting anywhere.
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