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Jabo's DSound: "Sync to Audio" not working


Emu_64 HiP Coder
Name: NeTo
Date: 2003-09-27
1964 Version (from the 1964 Window's Title Bar): 2003-09-27

Describe the Problem: When I choose Sync to Audio in Jabo's Sound Plug, the osunds keeps skipping badly. I get some skips also with schibo's plugin, but i don't know if that's expected.

How Often Does this Problem Happen? [Rarely; Sometimes; Often; Always]: Always

Rate the Problem [Not Serious; A Minor Distraction; Annoying; Urgent]: A minor distraction


The Rocking PC Wiz
Well, the audio is not skipping or stuttering repeatedly on me.

But I did notice that the audio will still delay when shooting a gun in GoldenEye 007.